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Max Ernst | Cubism, Dadaism, & Surrealism

Max Ernst | 1891 – 1976

Other than art, Max Ernst was very interested with psychology and psychiatry and actually studied both in University. He was inspired by Sigmund Freud and this fascination with the mind made its way into his work. Ernst often shows images of birds in his work.

This comes from his weird link as a young child when his pet bird died and moments later his father informed him his sister was born. I guess this might be part of why he has this peculiar personal link between birds and humans. In his art you see his alter ego known as “Loplop” which is shown as a bird.

Ernst was a solider during the first World War and came out of it deeply disturbed and traumatized along with a large criticism of western culture.

His work was viewed as quite controversial (such as “theĀ  Virgin spanking Christ”) and was quite prolific and influential in art at the time.

I didn’t think I really loved any of his work, but after researching him and looking through about 300 pieces, I found tons I connected with. Definitely an artist I’m glad I got the chance to appreciate.




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