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Roy Lichtenstein | Abstract Expressionism & Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein | 1923 – 1997

Roy was born in New York City and was constantly immersed in the NYC American culture. Since a teenager, Roy sculpted, painted and drew. He spent a lot of his time the American Museum of Modern Art as well as the Natural History Museum.

In the fall of 1946 after his father passed, Roy was invited to join the faculty at OSU as an instructor. While teaching he also worked on getting his Masters Degree which he did receive in 1949.

In June of 1961 Lichtenstein began fooling around with the idea which had originally started while he was at OSU, which was to combine comic characters with abstract backgrounds.

“It occurred to me to do it by mimicking the cartoon style without the paint texture, calligraphic line, modulation — all the things involved in expressionism”.


His work is extremely popular, and definitely used without proper knowledge of the artist all over the internet. I see people posting his comic book character art all over social media sites like instagram or pinterest (which I also frequent with slight shame).

I liked researching him since his style is something that so many people enjoy maybe because that 1950’s comic book style is so beloved by so many people.  Plus some of it makes me laugh because it is quite dramatic. (Which lets me know I’m not alone). I think my favourite things he does is his sculpture. I really quite love it because it seems too bright and odd to be physical.

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