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Lisa Yuskavage | Contemporary & Post Modernism

Lisa Yuskavage [b. 1962]

Lisa Yuskavage is such a thrilling artist. Her work really throws you for a loop. Looking at her work made me feel like I wasn’t giving her paintings privacy, yet when I showed my step-mother her work she felt it was vulgar and was almost offended by their sexuality.

The more I researched her work the more I loved it. Her paintings make you think about how you may perceive the female form. I think it is an interesting conversation.

Her surreal landscapes, dramatic lighting and emotional colours give her paintings an other worldliness that feels cinematic.

Yuskavage’s work feels like it is re-creating the “male gaze” but instead of between people it’s a dynamic between the vulnerable painting and the viewer. (Obviously not every single painting is this same theme but the majority feel this way to me.)

Her female figures are cartoonish, sexual, vulgar, angelic, young, and a variety of other seemingly conflicting characteristics. But perhaps that points to the fact that just because we perceive a female body as vulgar that it can be angelic at the same time, that bodies can be more than one thing at one time.    


Jeff Burgess says:


Great to see you get all of your blogs in and completed. What I appreciate from what you’ve presented is the fact that through your research you have come to understand and appreciate the artists you have covered. That’s what this is all about. Good research and personal feelings throughout. Good Work!
Also I gave you a 10/10 for your PK on Yuskavage.


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