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Survey 9 | The “Do” that Defined a Decade

Lecture:  Colour Theory and Cool Type 1925-1930

We learned tons about BauHaus and the design ideal that fostered there. The simple design combined with mass production.  How one of the biggest booms culturally was the hollywood culture of glamour and actors becoming celebrities, which changed fashion and how we look at fashion.  The mind blowing fact that it took till 1929 for women to be considered persons under the law… It was also the start of the Great Depression. It was a decade with so much happening all over the world, changing it completely.

Research: Fashion



Anna May Wong

The original “it” girl, Clara Bow always wore her hair short with finger waves.

Clara Bow

As you can see the various other famous women in fashion and film wore their hair slightly different but all kept to the idea of short wavy or sleek bobs. Most of this was inspired by the flapper girl style. Most women who did silent films all wore their hair this way as well. Some took some “daring” unique takes on the bob. Look at Josephine Baker for example, she was an absolute icon who kept her hair extremely short in a sleek style, sometimes sporting an individual fringe curl. Each woman that defined the decade, wore their hair in this specific style. It let the accessories and fringe dresses take the stage front instead of the hair. 

Coco Chanel



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