IDEA 22 Student

Clarence Coles Phillips

1900-1920 Illustration’s Early Masters

He worked for very popular magazines like Good Housekeeping and Life. He’s known for his illustrations of beautiful women and excellent use of lost lines. I’m not sure what it is about lost lines, but they just seem to make his works so interesting and compositionally appealing. Phillip’s use of colours always seem to work so satisfyingly that when I looked up his illustrations I didn’t want to go look through the other names. His use of lost lines was commonly referred to as the “fadeaway girl”. I love the design elements to his works. It’s so beautiful just to look at. The content doesn’t seem mind blowing, but they are absolutely beautiful and interesting to look at, a very interesting mix of realistic detail and the absolute minimum. Definitely an artist I’m happy to have researched.

Cole Phillips had no real formal art training. He took night art classes for about three months before working at an ad agency. He only worked there for a short time to learn the business and then opened his own agency with a few former students. Apparently running an agency wasn’t exactly up his alley and he became a freelance illustrator. His most famous illustrations were advertising works geared towards the women of the day.

A non art fact related fact that I learned through researching C.C. Phillips, is that he raised pigeons from childhood to adulthood. I have also accidentally chosen a second artist who was diagnosed with tuberculosis and eventually passed from the same illness.


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