IDEA 22 Student

Yearbook Spread

My yearbook spread had 5 words listed about me:

  • Creative
  • short
  • punny
  • story-teller
  • nature-lover

I showed creative, through the illustrations on the page, short was depicted by me showing the height of a regular person in comparison to an exaggerated short rendition of myself, story-teller was shown with the books, nature lover, with the coral and mushrooms on the page.

I said that if I were to live in a different era it would be 1960’s-1970’s because I love the culture, music and style that came from those two decades. There is a picture of Twiggy’s famous eyes above my text.

For the question regarding what other career I would choose if not art, I chose oceanologist, or some sort of biology that let me study the ocean. It’s so mysterious, beautiful and powerful. It’s a completely different world and holds such importance. So it is definitely something that has always interested me. This text is right next to the coral illustration.

My secret that I shared, was a very creepy moment from childhood when I did not get along with another girl in my grade 3 class so i tried cursing her. Potions, and a small horse figurine seance included…

I think I should have gotten more creative with the movement, and flow of the spread. I don’t really love it. I don’t think it really shows who I am or what I’m capable of. I’d give myself a 4/10.