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September 2018

Survey 2: The Mongol Empire, From One Large Empire to Four Not As Large Empires

Lecture summary: Last class we learned more about print, paper, and typography. Throughout this period, many places were creating new and faster ways to copy text. For example, the chop seal was made by the Chinese to stamp their signatures…. Continue Reading →

Yearbook Spread

In my yearbook spread, I decided to go with blue as the main colour and used watercolours to paint it. The words I chose for myself were simple, casual, patient, easygoing, and trying. To reflect these words, I decided to… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 2: High Renaissance & Mannerism – Paolo Veronese

Paolo Veronese, real name Paolo Caliari, was an artist who was born in Venice in 1528. He is acknowledged for his compositions and amazing sense of colour in his paintings and his mastery in fresco paintings. His most famous works… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 1: Late Gothic & Early Renaissance – Ghirlandaio

Domenico Ghirlandaio was an artist who was born in Florence in 1478. His works were mainly fresco paintings, an example being “The Last Supper.” He was a pupil of Alesso Baldovinetti. He was known to be the teacher of Michelangelo…. Continue Reading →

Survey 1

Lecture summary The class lecture was about the evolution of writing and typography. In the lecture, the key points I took away were the rock art, the first writing systems that were pictographs, and the transformation of writing systems such… Continue Reading →

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