In my yearbook spread, I decided to go with blue as the main colour and used watercolours to paint it. The words I chose for myself were simple, casual, patient, easygoing, and trying. To reflect these words, I decided to go with the colour blue, which is associated with a calm, relaxed mood. Blue also happens to be my favourite colour. For the execution of the spread, I chose to paint with watercolours. Watercolours easily flow and don’t always have to stay in the lines, much like the words, casual and easygoing. For the background, I decide to keep it simple by only having shapes and not putting a lot of detail into them. I kept the illustrations quite simple and tried not to add too much detail.

For this project, I give myself a 8/10. I could have made some improvements on the spread. For example, some of the writing and illustrations could have been placed better to make it look more appealing. The five words could be spaced better and the blurbs moved in a way that fit the space around it better. Despite these improvements, I think I did a good job executing the spread. I like the colours I used and how the lines look in the finished product and I think the aesthetic of my spread matches the words I chose to describe myself.