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October 2018

Blog Post 6: Impressionism & Post-Impressionism – Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard was a French Post-Impressionist painter. He was a part of a group of artists called Les Nabis. One thing that is clear in his art is his use of colours. Bonnard used bright, vivid colours in his paintings…. Continue Reading →

Survey 6: Up, Up, and Away! The Wright Brothers

Lecture: In the lecture, we learned about the inventions of many things and also about art nouveau. In this period, there was the invention of film, with the production of Sortie de l’Usine Lumière de Lyon and the first successful… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 5: Realism, Pre-Impressionism, & Pre-Raphaelites – Thomas Eakins

Thomas Eakins was a realist painter from America. He was an artist who drew from life. The subjects he chose for his portraits consisted of people he knew from his hometown or prominent figures. He didn’t idealize the body and… Continue Reading →

Survey 5: Canadian Posters

Lecture: In this week’s lecture, there were three main things that were talked about: exhibitions, arts and crafts, and posters. Expos were events that showcased culture and industry around the world. The first expo was The Great Exhibition that was… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 4: Neoclassicism, Romanticism, & Rococo – Jean-August Ingres

Jean-Auguste Ingres was a French Neoclassical painter born in 1780 who was ultimately known for his portrait painting. He studied under the artist, Jacques-Louis David, and preferred precision and accuracy over improvisation and rougher work. But though his pieces reflected… Continue Reading →

About Me

Hey there, my name is Tina Trinh and I’m a first year at Capilano University. I’m currently studying in the IDEA program for design in visual communication with a focus in illustration. I’ve been interested in art from a young… Continue Reading →

Survey 4: I Think, Therefore I Am – The Age of Enlightenment

Lecture: In last class’ lecture some things we talked about was the steam and factories, modern typeface, and photography. In 1769, the steam engine was patented and later factories were made to mass produce steel and iron. This made huge… Continue Reading →

Survey 3: How It’s Made – Block-books

Lecture summary: Last class we learned about the evolution of typography. Type was changing, especially during the Renaissance. It evolved into the Roman style. It was more even than the previous types and was also more readable. The early version… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 3: Baroque – Franz Hals

Franz Hals was a painter born in the Netherlands. There isn’t much known about his life, but what is known is that he owed money to his baker or shoemaker. His painting style was loose and in my opinion, added… Continue Reading →

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