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November 2018

Blog post 9: Abstract Expressionism & Pop Art – Franz Kline

Franz Kline was Abstract Expressionist painter born on May 23, 1910 in Pennsylvania, USA. He studied painting and drawing and also drafting and illustration in school in his 20s and 30s. He started out drawing and painting in a realistic… Continue Reading →

Survey 10: It’s men’s fashion time

Lecture: An unfortunate topic that was present throughout the entire lecture was the Nazi party. When they came into power, they made it so certain people, especially Jewish people, couldn’t really live. They had over 400 rules decrees and regulations… Continue Reading →

ENGL 100: Revised Blog Posts

These two blog posts were written for English 100 and focus on two articles on urban studies topics. The first topic is about food waste and the impact from food companies. The second topic is about the negative impact of… Continue Reading →

Survey 9: Nazis really sucked

Lecture: In the lecture, a major point that was covered was the Bauhaus. This was an art school that blurred the lines between fine art and applied arts. I find this really cool because this made furniture and objects that… Continue Reading →

History spread rationale #2: Blue

For my spread, I did it on 3 different things that were happening at the time: film, airplanes, and Freud’s book. I decided to make the overall image black and white with ink to match with the time frame the… Continue Reading →

Blog post 8: Cubism, Dadaism, & Surrealism – Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp was an artist whose art could be described as being a part of dadaism, cubism, and conceptual art. He studied at Académie Julian. A lot of his pieces had loose lines and shapes to represent his figures. His… Continue Reading →

Survey 8: Residential schools and their impact on Indigenous people

Lecture: One of the topics that was mentioned in this lecture was Russian Constructivism. This style of art was inspired by the Suprematist art movement. El Lissitzky was an important figure for this style of art. This period of art… Continue Reading →

Blog post 7: Expressionism, Fauvism, & Early 20th Century – Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter born in 1862. His work was very controversial when he was alive. He liked to paint and draw erotic art, putting an emphasis on sensuality and sex, which was not very accepted in… Continue Reading →

Survey 7: It’s a cup

Lecture: One of the things we talked about in this lecture was some of the artists of this period. This included Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso. Cezanne was an artist who stopped trying to paint things super realistically. He experimented… Continue Reading →

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