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December 2018

Cover Rationale

For the cover spread, Celia and I decided to do something based on a subway map. Each main line represents a different category: fine art, geopolitical, and design. The lines that connect the lines collect the points from each category…. Continue Reading →

Blog post 10: Contemporary & Post Modernism – Joaquin Sorolla

Joaquin Sorolla was a Spanish painter born in Valencia, Spain in 1863. He’s most known for his portraits, landscapes, and his works with historic or social themes. He was an impressionist painter, more specifically Luminism, which was a subcategory of… Continue Reading →

Spread #3 rationale

For my third spread, I decided to do a comparison of what was happening in fine art (Surrealism and Expressionism,) and commercial art (Art Deco). For fine art, I chose to paint a surrealist painting (Magritte’s “Not To Be Reproduced”)… Continue Reading →

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