For my third spread, I decided to do a comparison of what was happening in fine art (Surrealism and Expressionism,) and commercial art (Art Deco). For fine art, I chose to paint a surrealist painting (Magritte’s “Not To Be Reproduced”) in the style of an expressionist painting (Feininger’s “The White Man”) also changing the figure to be the one in “The White Man”. I tried to make the brushstrokes loose to embody the expressionist style. For commercial art, I painted the poster for the S.S. Normandie and drew the border based on a Moulin Rouge poster by Michael Scarso. For this one, I painted it more neatly (to the best of my abilities), since that’s what Art Deco was like. To make the spread flow better, I extended the counter from the fine art side to the commercial side and also blended the colours from the commercial side to the fine art side. I think I did a pretty good job for the spread, though I could have done a better job with laying out the actual written content as it is hard to read. I would give myself a 8.5 for this spread.