Paseo a orillas del mar, 1909

Joaquin Sorolla was a Spanish painter born in Valencia, Spain in 1863. He’s most known for his portraits, landscapes, and his works with historic or social themes. He was an impressionist painter, more specifically Luminism, which was a subcategory of impressionism that focused on the effects of light. He liked plein air painting and he drew a lot of his work at the beach.

Beach at Valencia, 1908


One of his most important pieces was “Sad Inheritance (1899).” This piece was done on a very large canvas and showed crippled children bathing in the sea, supervised by a monk.

Sad Inheritance, 1899

I think Sorolla is an amazing painter. Apart from his overall painting style and brushstrokes (that is rough yet very put together which I find personally very appealing in painting), his use of colour is great.

The Horse’s Bath, 1909

The atmospheric light and the bounce light make his paintings very harmonious. I also enjoy how he draws the strong light on wet skin (as he has a lot of paintings set at the beach). He is very successful in making the skin actually look wet.

Children on the beach, 1910