James Montgomery Flagg was an American artist and illustrator born in New York on 1877. He had an interest in drawing from a young age.

Wake Up America Day, 1917

Flagg did a variety of art which included portrait painting, cartoons, and posters.

Portrait of a Gentleman, 1905

He worked with different mediums such as watercolour, oils, lithograph, and ink.

I Want You for U.S. Army, 1917

The most iconic piece of Flagg’s would be his army recruitment poster for World War I with the slogan “I Want You For U.S. Army,” featuring the character Uncle Sam. He was the highest paid illustrator in his time.

30,000 Would Make It Absolutely Certain

I do enjoy his work. I especially like his greyscale pieces. In his pen and ink pieces, I find the values to be excellent.

The Discussion, 1877

Though most of this piece is just hatched, each figure is its own and they don’t muddle together. Also the lines are drawn in a precised way and follow the shape to create a nice volume.