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April 2019

Post 5 – Canadian Design Today – Theo Dimson

Theo Dimson was a Canadian graphic designer born April 8, 1930 in London, Ontario. He was most known for his movie and theatre posters which were done in a very art deco style. He did his schooling at Ontario College… Continue Reading →

Blog 4 – Postmodernism in Europe – Robert Venturi

Robert Venturi was an American architect born on June 25, 1925 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a very important architect, as he and his wife actually shaped the way architects, planners, and students, thought about and experienced architecture. He did… Continue Reading →

Blog 3 – Supergraphic Innovators – Paula Scher

Paula Scher is a designer, painter, and art education in which she teaches in design. She is part of the well known company of Pentagram. In fact, she was actually the first female principal at the New York office design… Continue Reading →

Blog 2 – Psychedelic – Wes Wilson

Robert Wesley Wilson, known as Wes Wilson, is an American artist from Sacramento, California born in July 15, 1937. He’s known for his 60s rock concert poster and was also one of the fathers of the psychedelic poster movement. His… Continue Reading →

Blog 1 – Advertising – Herbert Bayer

Herbert Bayer was an Austrian American designer. He was born Haag, Austria-Hungary on April 5, 1900. As a child, his parents encouraged his artistic side. He was very versatile in terms of skills and was also a painter, photographer, sculptor,… Continue Reading →

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