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Cover Rationale

For the cover spread, Celia and I decided to do something based on a subway map. Each main line represents a different category: fine art, geopolitical, and design. The lines that connect the lines collect the points from each category…. Continue Reading →

Spread #3 rationale

For my third spread, I decided to do a comparison of what was happening in fine art (Surrealism and Expressionism,) and commercial art (Art Deco). For fine art, I chose to paint a surrealist painting (Magritte’s “Not To Be Reproduced”)… Continue Reading →

History spread rationale #2: Blue

For my spread, I did it on 3 different things that were happening at the time: film, airplanes, and Freud’s book. I decided to make the overall image black and white with ink to match with the time frame the… Continue Reading →

Yearbook Spread

In my yearbook spread, I decided to go with blue as the main colour and used watercolours to paint it. The words I chose for myself were simple, casual, patient, easygoing, and trying. To reflect these words, I decided to… Continue Reading →

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