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Survey 10: It’s men’s fashion time

Lecture: An unfortunate topic that was present throughout the entire lecture was the Nazi party. When they came into power, they made it so certain people, especially Jewish people, couldn’t really live. They had over 400 rules decrees and regulations… Continue Reading →

Survey 9: Nazis really sucked

Lecture: In the lecture, a major point that was covered was the Bauhaus. This was an art school that blurred the lines between fine art and applied arts. I find this really cool because this made furniture and objects that… Continue Reading →

Survey 8: Residential schools and their impact on Indigenous people

Lecture: One of the topics that was mentioned in this lecture was Russian Constructivism. This style of art was inspired by the Suprematist art movement. El Lissitzky was an important figure for this style of art. This period of art… Continue Reading →

Survey 7: It’s a cup

Lecture: One of the things we talked about in this lecture was some of the artists of this period. This included Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso. Cezanne was an artist who stopped trying to paint things super realistically. He experimented… Continue Reading →

Survey 6: Up, Up, and Away! The Wright Brothers

Lecture: In the lecture, we learned about the inventions of many things and also about art nouveau. In this period, there was the invention of film, with the production of Sortie de l’Usine Lumière de Lyon and the first successful… Continue Reading →

Survey 5: Canadian Posters

Lecture: In this week’s lecture, there were three main things that were talked about: exhibitions, arts and crafts, and posters. Expos were events that showcased culture and industry around the world. The first expo was The Great Exhibition that was… Continue Reading →

Survey 4: I Think, Therefore I Am – The Age of Enlightenment

Lecture: In last class’ lecture some things we talked about was the steam and factories, modern typeface, and photography. In 1769, the steam engine was patented and later factories were made to mass produce steel and iron. This made huge… Continue Reading →

Survey 3: How It’s Made – Block-books

Lecture summary: Last class we learned about the evolution of typography. Type was changing, especially during the Renaissance. It evolved into the Roman style. It was more even than the previous types and was also more readable. The early version… Continue Reading →

Survey 2: The Mongol Empire, From One Large Empire to Four Not As Large Empires

Lecture summary: Last class we learned more about print, paper, and typography. Throughout this period, many places were creating new and faster ways to copy text. For example, the chop seal was made by the Chinese to stamp their signatures…. Continue Reading →

Survey 1

Lecture summary The class lecture was about the evolution of writing and typography. In the lecture, the key points I took away were the rock art, the first writing systems that were pictographs, and the transformation of writing systems such… Continue Reading →

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