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Blog 10: Present Technology and Tradition/New Horizons – Craig Mullins

Craig Mullins is an American concept artist known for being one of the first pioneers of digital art. He’s from California, but is currently residing in Hawaii. He has worked on book covers, concept art and matte painting for films,… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 6: Departures and Rumblings – Mark English

Mark English is a painter and illustrator born in Hubbard, Texas in 1933. He was known for his magazine illustrations. He worked for McCalls, Time, Sports Illustrated, and other magazines. He has also made 13 stamps for the US Postal… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 1: Beginnings to the Golden Age – Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha was a Czech artist in the Art Nouveau art movement born in Ivancice, Moravia on July 24, 1860. He did both fine art and commercial art, including painting, illustrations, advertisements, and designs. He is well known for his… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 5: Postwar Prosperities – Coby Whitmore

Coby Whitmore is an American painter and illustrator. He is known for his cover work for the magazine, Saturday Evening Post, and his advertisement illustrations of brands such as Gallo Wine. He was also very into race cars and in… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 4: The Golden Age Part 2 – Mead Schaeffer

Mead Schaeffer was an American illustrator born in New York on July 15, 1898. He was known for the work he did for magazines and books. His early work depicted pieces with stories of adventure and romance, though later on,… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 3: The Golden Age Part 1 – Pruett Carter

Pruett Carter was an American illustrator born in Missouri on February 9, 1891. He was the art director of the magazines Good Housekeeping and Atlanta Journal. After finishing his service for WWI, he worked for Ladies’ Home Journal, McCall’s, Good… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 2: Illustration’s Early Masters – James Montgomery Flagg

James Montgomery Flagg was an American artist and illustrator born in New York on 1877. He had an interest in drawing from a young age. Flagg did a variety of art which included portrait painting, cartoons, and posters. He worked… Continue Reading →

Blog post 10: Contemporary & Post Modernism – Joaquin Sorolla

Joaquin Sorolla was a Spanish painter born in Valencia, Spain in 1863. He’s most known for his portraits, landscapes, and his works with historic or social themes. He was an impressionist painter, more specifically Luminism, which was a subcategory of… Continue Reading →

Spread #3 rationale

For my third spread, I decided to do a comparison of what was happening in fine art (Surrealism and Expressionism,) and commercial art (Art Deco). For fine art, I chose to paint a surrealist painting (Magritte’s “Not To Be Reproduced”)… Continue Reading →

Blog post 9: Abstract Expressionism & Pop Art – Franz Kline

Franz Kline was Abstract Expressionist painter born on May 23, 1910 in Pennsylvania, USA. He studied painting and drawing and also drafting and illustration in school in his 20s and 30s. He started out drawing and painting in a realistic… Continue Reading →

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