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November 2018

Survey 7: New technology

Modernism, Japonism, and Expressionism were the main focus in this week, as we covered from 1905 to 1915 along with this was the beginning of the First World War. New advancements technology brought credence to the automobile and fords ingenious integration… Continue Reading →

Survey 6: Provoking change

An extreme low for labour and pay rates, this era started on a path of revolution in industry and with working conditions. Both genders picketed for fair working conditions and livable wages. Almost ironically the first film released is of… Continue Reading →

Survey 5: Fair is fair at the Fair

Fun, hobbies, and expositions! The turn of the century brought a new attitude of playfulness and light-hearted energy as more people began being able to give more of their time to pleasure. Great big innovations and experiences took place like… Continue Reading →

Survey 3: Painting the Vain

Focusing on the 16th and 17th century the week’s survey focused heavily on design and typography. Along with the two main focuses for the week architecture, fine art and culture were brought up in examinations. In typography, the effect of… Continue Reading →

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