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Lisa Yuskavage (Women In Art)

Lisa Yuskavage     A contemporary painter, Lisa Yuskavage has dedicated much of her life to art and her artworks. Born in Philadelphia, Lisa attended Yale University of Art and received her Masters of Fine Arts in 1986. Often displaying what many… Continue Reading →

Jim Dine (Expressionism and Pop Art)

Jim Dine   A very unusual and interesting pop artist, Jim Dine always contests the idea of subjugating his works into categories. While his work is still remembered and enjoyed as one of many amazing Pop Artists in history. He dislikes the… Continue Reading →

Jan Vermeer

Jan Vermeer was a painter from the Netherlands who focused heavily interior paintings, as he was not a very successful painter Vermeer was largely forgotten throughout history until the 19th century. Vermeer is most notable for his mastery of light… Continue Reading →

Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch is a name still commonly known and remembered by pop culture. As a painter out of his time or any time Bosch painted horrific images of hell and apocalyptical scenes (His actual time was 1450 to 1516). He is believed… Continue Reading →

Robert Campin

Robert Campin was a Dutch painter who often is credited as the first person to paint realistic oil paintings in the Netherlands. Born in 1378 and died in 1444, Campin realistic paintings gave the works a sense of heft which… Continue Reading →

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