Jim Dine


A very unusual and interesting pop artist, Jim Dine always contests the idea of subjugating his works into categories. While his work is still remembered and enjoyed as one of many amazing Pop Artists in history. He dislikes the idea of categories due to his belief many of the Pop Artist’s around him praised authority. Dine, however, instead strived to question authority and those in authoritative positions. Born on June 17th 1935, Dine is a man of many talents, being proficient in, Painting, Designing, sculpting, performance arts and poetry.


Dine worked and displayed his art alongside historic artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. His goal was to explore the themes of identity, memory and body. Dine depicts the mundane and ordinary. From common tools to the hearts beating in our chest. He consistently takes new approaches and makes the works significant to those viewing it.




“I have come to terms with a lot of things, because, when all’s said and done, there’s really very little one can do about a lot of things. You just accept them. The point is you just have to keep on working and you just have to keep on living.”  -Jim Dine

This is a notion that is clearly depicted in his images. no matter the subject or darkness of the design they have an unreal sense of life, they feel as though they can still put up a fight for themselves. 


Personally, the philosophy Dine holds and his outlook on society and conformity are very inspirational and important viewpoints. I believe these are especially the viewpoints that should be held when developing and growing as a new artist because it encourages you to jump out of boundaries and approach new situations. Additionally, the neglect of societal norms is one of the major ways collective groups make a change and inspire others by showing that things thought different and odd are not only what they appear at face value.