Steve Brodner is an Illustrator, journalist, author, lecturer and political commentator, He uses his editorial pieces to make comments on social climates and on opinions, he holds dea to himself. Starting his career in 1976 for The Hudson Dispatch he quickly was working on illustrations for The New York Times and by 1981 he was a regular contributor to Harpers Magazine.

He is known to be a master of editorial works and satirical illustrations, His work first gained mass appeal during the Regan administration. Brodner found himself doing illustrations of Regan to almost every magazine he had ever previously worked on and more. 

Brodner, is able to create characters that honestly create parallels between the real-life subject and their illustrated counterpart. By capturing their intrinsical characteristics he has become one of my favourite satirical artists and uses exaggeration in a way that I am personally envious of. My personal favourite piece is of Obama, while the building of charts and polls continually drop the overall mood is light and fun showing Obama floating above it all without worry.