Lisa Yuskavage

“Super Natural”



A contemporary painter, Lisa Yuskavage has dedicated much of her life to art and her artworks. Born in Philadelphia, Lisa attended Yale University of Art and received her Masters of Fine Arts in 1986. Often displaying what many would consider crude and uncomfortable situations through nude figure paintings. She intends to place these figures in a sort of trance between the subject and just an object.




“Young Lovers”


A mix between an almost classic figure work, she mends in very modern motifs and narratives like those in her “Young Lovers” work. This piece depicts a very childlike innocent figure being approached or caressed by a blackened clearly older man. Even the depictions of his slightly rendered beard and shaggy hair seem far too real to be placed beside such a warm childish figure.




“Gold Girl In Barn”


“Her motifs are often inspired by popular culture, creating an underlying dichotomy between high and low and, by implication, sacred and profane, harmony and dissonance. Yet her oeuvre compellingly resists categorization, insisting instead on its own kind of emotional formalism in which characters and pictorial inventions assume equal importance.” (1)

I find the style she pursues to be a very interesting and unique take on nude portraiture. I am a huge fan of her unwavering ability to tackle hard situations that many would rather pretend don’t exist. Yuskavage has done an amazing job bringing light to many different issues and seems that she will continue on doing so.



“Golden Couple”




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-All photos from her website above.