Jan Vermeer was a painter from the Netherlands who focused heavily interior paintings, as he was not a very successful painter Vermeer was largely forgotten throughout history until the 19th century. Vermeer is most notable for his mastery of light and how light affects the painting. Quite rare for painters of his time Vermeer worked methodically and with rather expensive pigments like lapis lazuli. Another fascinating thing about Vermeer is how the majority of his paintings take place in two rooms of his home. Often these paintings include the same objects and furniture as previous and later works. Of the estimated 50 pieces Vermeer produced in his life only around 30 remain to this day. Although Vermeer was not a notable artist for his time artworks like, “Girl With a Pearl Earring,” “Art of Painting,” and “The Astronomer.”

Jan Vermeer, “Girl With a Pearl Earring”

Jan Vermeer “Art of Painting”

Jan Vermeer “The Astronomer.”

Jan Vermeer “The Geographer”

Jan Vermeer “The Girl with the Wine Glass”