Getting Started Response paper: Fields of Interest – A Second Look

One topic has emerged as the more compelling option in light of the ideas explored in module two.The topic that I am now most interested in researching is concerning the concept of happiness and how one may obtain it. The main reason this topic has become more compelling is due to the focus on indigenous communities and Tuhiwai’s research on human beings. The concept gathered from Tuhiwai’s reading that I found to be most intriguing was the idea that any research which one may develop will have a perspective on the world that could potentially have an effect over other people’s worldview. Looking at it in this way research has a prominent social side to it. After receiving this message from Tuhiwai’s reading it was clear to me that I want to develop my research project around the concept of happiness. If there is one topic that I am truly passionate about it would be the concept of happiness and how to obtain a high level of it.  From Tuhiwai’s reading I understood how much research can impact other people. The ability to share my research findings and alter other people’s perspective in a way that would aid them in achieving a level of happiness is something that I would love to do and after reading Tuhiwai’s research I believe is something I have the ability to do.


After completing module two I have a greater awareness of my context and the personal biases I may hold. “The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe” (Berger 1972). Going forward with my projects I will be more mindful of my preconceived perceptions that may get in the way of engaging in objective research. A consideration I want to be mindful of while engaging in my project is the use of media. The addition of media within my project will be a useful way to portray much meaning in a quick and interesting way. That being said, the use of media can become complicated as media can be easily misinterpreted and “human understanding functions by interpretation (with) its product (being) meaning” (Heelan, 1998). More in depth research  on the usage of media  can be found here :


Prior to the completion of module two I was unaware of how important contextual considerations are to research. The role of temporality plays an important role in my future research direction. As I am living in this present moment in the year 2017 my research collection, interpretation, and overall explanations will be much different than if I conducted research at any other moment of history. More in depth analysis of the importance of context can be found here:


Module two has shown me how necessary it is to look ahead and create an open dialogue with my topic of interest. It has allowed me to foresee the aforementioned methods I will need to adapt and procedures I will have to create in order to produce a well rounded research project. Prior to the completion of module two I was unclear of what topic of interest I wanted to develop for my graduating project; post module two I am certain not only of my topic but also of the limitations I will need to consider when conducting research.


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