About Me

I am currently a first year student at Capilano University aiming to earn a bachelors in the IDEA program with an interest in an illustration based career however in the next 4 years that may change! My work experience up until now has consisted of various jobs in the customer service sector, particularly in aesthetics and fashion- a beauty parlor receptionist and an associate at Tommy Hilfiger.

In addition to drawing, I am wholly invested in other aspects of the arts as well and my other interests include dancing and music. At a young age I was introduced to ballet initially but found I didn’t have the grace for it. It wasn’t until high school that I encountered dance again as an extracurricular and fell in love with hip hop. Throughout the years I’ve tried to dedicate any free time I’ve had to workshops despite my nerves. After improving, I became a member of the Senior Competitive Hip Hop Team at Port Moody Secondary School and my memories during this part of my life are some of my greatest. When I’m not focused at school, I also enjoy the occasional karaoke session with my friends and scouring Spotify for obscure songs.