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320 week 8

“You can’t predict the end result, and that’s part of the process, the beauty in it.”… “Trying to plan in the future, will not work… you’ve to live in the now… focus on doing things, not on the the end results… we have to focus on each step…”… “the goal is always to get better…

244 week 8

95% of the information on the web is written language. It is only logical to say that a web designer should get good training in the main discipline of shaping written information, in other words: Typography.

320 week 7

Consider your aims “Think about the goal of your design portfolio,” advises Seattle-based illustrator Jared Nickerson.

244 week 7

How will we make a difference?

320 week 6

What are you worth?

Will you worship work?

244 week 6

Embracing the big idea

Weekly advice

320 week 6

Today we are very lucky to be connecting with illustrator Luke Ramsey via video.

320 week 4

Plagiarism: fine line or tightrope?

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