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141 Survey of Design

Inspiring thoughts

Hermann Hesse on Solitude, the Value of Hardship, the Courage to Be Yourself, and How to Find Your Destiny.

First things first

Interesting podcast series from RGD

Sit like a smart-ass!

Take care of your body. It has to last you a very long time.

How do you decide what a job is worth?

141 Week 13

Isn’t design history awesome?

141 week 12

Lecture/Discussion: Survey 10 Handout: Survey 10 Nazi book burnings (10 minute video) Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke and the Container Corporation of America More on the CCA Chicago Magazine article on the Paepcke’s Herbert Bayer’s book of maps

141 week 11

Lecture/Discussion: Survey 9 Colour Theory and Cool Type Handout: Survey 9 Timeline: Timeline Survey 9/10 More useful links: Both Bauhaus sites and the Haus Am Horn are on the UNESCO World Heritage List These two films on demand are available online through CapU Library:… Continue Reading →

141 week 10

Survey 8: Charlestons and communists (1915 – 1925) Lecture/Discussion: Survey 8 Handout: Survey 8 World War One links 1920’s skyscrapers Article on Constructivism Gender Equity in Constructivist Russia The Importance of Soviet Sports Avant-Garde Theatre Designs Modernism you can wear… Continue Reading →

141 Week 9

Survey 7: Cubism and corporate identity (1905 – 1915) Lecture/Discussion: Survey 7 Handout: Survey 7 Timeline: Survey 7 & 8 Things to watch/read: Frank Lloyd Wright Credited Japan for His All-American Aesthetic 100,000+ vintage advertisements to explore Introduction to Modern Art Modern… Continue Reading →

141 week 8

Survey 6: Dreams and designers  (1895 – 1905) Lecture/discussion: Survey 6 Dreams and Designers Handout: Survey 6 Homework (for discussion next week): Marian Bantjes TedTalk Additional resources (optional): “Art Nouveau grew out of the dark restless energies of the industrial city. In the… Continue Reading →

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