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141 Survey of Design

Just because…

Are you sitting comfortably?

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OK, we don’t work up 40 foot ladders, but don’t think you can’t get hurt in this business. Read on…

141 week 14

Final Quiz and Coursework this week.

Need help with type?

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Here’s some books to get you started.

Ready, Set, Intern!

You got this!

141 Week 13

Isn’t design history awesome?

141 week 12

Survey 10: Fortune Magazine and the Führer (1930-1945)

Love to write?

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Writing is going to play a more important role in your career than you might realize.

141 week 11

 Survey 9 Colour Theory and Cool Type

141 week 10

Survey 8: Charlestons and communists (1915 – 1925)

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