This mood board project served as an opportunity to learn that I was interested in the flow of art, fashion, and ideas in the 20th century. As I began to break away from the conventional concept, I felt like I was matching puzzle pieces one by one on how art and fashion changed according to the era’s trend. I also thought this was like a “creative storytelling” practice.

Each event on my board is in the order of background, development 1, and development 2. I did not include events indicating “results” because I thought the current social structure was an extension of the 20th century in fundamental terms.

I will give 7.5/10 to my mood board that took over 6 hours.

First, I wanted to share not just information from the visual but what these arts started with. Therefore, I would like to give many points for trying to relate each event. Moreover, I also liked the layout organized in an easy-to-understand manner by connecting each event in chronological order. However, I was not too fond that I wasted too much time linking topics and that the connection between the three events was not clear.

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