In visual art, movements such as Pop Art, Psychedelic ArtOp ArtMinimalismConceptual Art, and the appeareance of Happenings, became the most significant and shape-shifting concepts of the 1960s art world. I think the background of sudden technology, industrial development, various human rights movements, and cultural rise played a part in the more creative and unconventional design. The flat but intense colors and composition of psychedelic design seem like represent the challenging times of the time.

Among them, Wes Wilson and Victor Mosco show the 1960 style well.
Wes Wilson’s warped, curvy, almost calculated design and Victor Mosco’s high contrast collage design made the era more colorful. Perhaps because photography was evolving and printing was becoming the norm for popular culture, companies, and advertising, society wanted illustrations that became more objective and clear descriptive communication. It seems that the creative imagination triggered by the revolutionary ideas of the time, the sense of rupture, and the sense of technological intoxication are well harmonized.