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Importance of Urban Forests Summary

I wrote this Summary for English 100 on an article addressing the significant benefits Urban Forests provide us. In “The importance of urban forests,” by Amy Fleming, the article describes the significance of having trees in the city, addressing the… Continue Reading →

“If birds can glide for long periods of time, then… why can’t I?” The Brothers Who Learned to Fly

Creation of the Masterpiece The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur were the first ones to successfully conduct aeronautical research that allowed them to create a motorized flying machine. They called this revolutionary invention the Wright Flyer. All airplanes since their… Continue Reading →

Posters – Designs that Influenced Millions.

In today’s digital world, media remains to be the leading tool in influencing society. Social media Influencers, in particular, remain the most prominent driver in the online industry, having one of the most significant impacts on a brand’s revenue. However,… Continue Reading →

The Invention that Formed the World We Know Today

In the 15th century, a German Goldsmith Johannes Guttenberg invented the first printing press in Europe. Although wood blocking and moveable metal type were happening far before his time in other nations, his innovation pulled the nation out of the… Continue Reading →

Mood Board Project Reflection

For this project, I picked Wright Brothers as soon as I glanced at their names on the handout. This was because I had watched a movie on them as a kid, and remembered vividly enjoying it. From then I thought… Continue Reading →

Fra Angelico “A rare and perfect talent” of the 15th Century

Fra Angelico was what some might say in today’s age, an art legend. In the 15th century, the art community described him as being “A rare and perfect talent”. When most people look at Angelico’s work, they are often immediately… Continue Reading →

Why You Can’t Stop Spending Money on Your Favorite Brands

The Progression of Branding over the Past Centuries Did you know that everyday, estimates show that the average person sees around 5000 logos a day!? We see so many that we are practically oblivious to them. If you take a… Continue Reading →

Visual Research I


To start the year, I was tasked with creating a yearbook spread that showed the world more about myself. After a while of contemplating how I would approach the design, I finally decided I wanted to use ball pens to… Continue Reading →

About Me

Sticky post

My name is Caleb Tsai and I have a strong passion for art and design. I just moved to the mainland from Vancouver Island to study Visual Communication at Capilano’s Idea School. I have always been into art, sports, and businesses. Some… Continue Reading →

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