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My name is Caleb Tsai and I have a strong passion for art and design. I just moved to the mainland from Vancouver Island to study Visual Communication at Capilano’s Idea School. I have always been into art, sports, and businesses. Some… Continue Reading →

Canadian Design Today

With information being consumed at such a great rate, we need to be able to communicate a message that is moving and connects a person even after seeing it. Canadian Designers today are have such unique styles and personality in… Continue Reading →


As the ModeAs the Modernist Era came to an end the exciting Post-Modern Period came into play with numerous young designers eager to break free of the constraints of earlier Swiss design principles. While they still follow many of the… Continue Reading →

Supergraphics Innovators

For a while, Supergraphics were long considered an inferior form of design communication, used on dull architecture to hide flaws. Large bands of coloured stripes thrown onto offices. However, the definition of supergraphics has changed over the last twenty years…. Continue Reading →

Psychedelic Design –

Although I am not a huge fan of Psychedelic design, the movement still fascinates me as it was an era were the entire culture of the US shifted. With illustration taking a hit from the rise of photography, I can… Continue Reading →

New York Style & Editorial Design

With America always having a large influence on the rest of the world, I was excited to finally see what an original American approach to modernist design looked like. I think Paul Rand’s quote “Simplicity is not the goal. It… Continue Reading →

Kerry James Marshall – An Artist that Paints History

Through narrative scenes captured from history and his own life, Kerry James Marshall’s work explores the complex effects of the Civil Rights Movement on African American’s Daily life. He specializes in expanding obscure objects and moments significant to black culture…. Continue Reading →

A Renaissance full of Dancing

As WW1 came to its end, thousands of African Americans moved from the South countrysides to the industrial North. All were desperate to find better economic and social opportunity. After being forced to fight int the war, they returned home… Continue Reading →

Type Poster Project

This poster was a long process with a satisfying end result. From doing multiple concept sketches to designing from scratch online, I am happy to be finished with it. I originally took a very dimensional and abstract approach to the… Continue Reading →

Zdzisław Beksiński – the NightMare Painter

A man fascinated by death who left behind a legacy of cursed paintings Born in the town of Sanok, Poland in 1929, Zdzisław Beksiński was a surrealist artist who had a long career in art with a tragic ending. He… Continue Reading →

Importance of Urban Forests Summary

I wrote this Summary for English 100 on an article addressing the significant benefits Urban Forests provide us. In “The importance of urban forests,” by Amy Fleming, the article describes the significance of having trees in the city, addressing the… Continue Reading →

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