Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

For a while, Supergraphics were long considered an inferior form of design communication, used on dull architecture to hide flaws. Large bands of coloured stripes thrown onto offices. However, the definition of supergraphics has changed over the last twenty years. Once, only a large geometric design on a wall or building was a supergraphic. The term defines architectural delineation used in wayfinding, illustrative murals, and branding elements. Barbara Stauffacher Solomon was a major innovator in this period with her Swiss-based graphics heavily influencing the design world.

Colorful Sea Ranch Tennis Club supergraphics by Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
The influential Sea Ranch Tennis Club supergraphics by Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

Paula Scher is another Supergraphic giant that really inspired a generation of female designs being the first female principle at Pentagram. Although I personally think some of her designs feel a bit clutterer with competing contrasts, her supergraphic designs are super contemporary and I love her illustrative works that are straight out of the 70’s.

Paula Scher
Supergraphic exterior design for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center

I love the idea of super graphics. I think designs on a large scale really lets viewers appreciate the entire composition of a design at another level. I believe a successful supergraphic needs a very strong base concept – effectively using the space and having the ability to form a relationship with the viewer.