With information being consumed at such a great rate, we need to be able to communicate a message that is moving and connects a person even after seeing it. Canadian Designers today are have such unique styles and personality in the ways they communicate visually and I find it truly inspiring.

Burton Kramer is a designer from Toronto who is a pioneer of Canadian Graphic Design.

I love this quote by him: “It always seemed clear that the real challenge for the designer was to help make our world a better place than it would be without our efforts.”

Among Burton’s most notable work is the distinctive 1974 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo that you have probably seen before.

CBC.ca - watch, listen, and discover with Canada's Public Broadcaster

It minimal yet extremely memorable to anybody who sees it. Kramer paved the way for the ‘International Style’ to reach Canadian shores when he moved to Toronto in 1965.

Jiani Lu is nother designer from Toronto that is very active in the industry today. She specializes in a variety of different areas including packaging and branding. I find her urge to make an impact in the world with her designs really inspiring.

“I would be interested in re-designing school report-card templates. It would be a unique challenge in analyzing our current academic grading systems to uncover flaws and issues that can be improved. I’m fascinated by the prospect of modernising grading metrics through design techniques.” – Jiani Lu

2014 Loft Packaging
2015 Mantoushe Identity

When I first joined Capu’s Idea program it was honestly just for my interest in visuals plus a decent wage. However, after seeing the huge impact Canadian designers in today’s industry make in world, it really shifted my motivation to become a designer to positively impact society.