How Wes Wilson's Psychedelic Concert Posters, Steeped in the Past, Soared  Into the Future | Muse by Clio
Wes Wilson, Otis Rush at the Fillmore (1967)

Although I am not a huge fan of Psychedelic design, the movement still fascinates me as it was an era were the entire culture of the US shifted. With illustration taking a hit from the rise of photography, I can definitely see why illustrators started to shift their styles to a higher level of communicating more emotionally with symbolism. Wes Wilson was phenomenal at this style of design and his original hand-drawn typography paired with his balancing illustrating credit the well-deserved popularity of his designs.

Psychedelic Poster Pioneer Wes Wilson on The Beatles, Doors, and Bill  Graham | Collectors Weekly

This “Fiery” stylized poster is my favourite of Wilson’s designs. It is so so original and works so well. The contrast in the colours along with the fire type and small sans serifs makes a perfect composition.

Alton Kelley, 67, Artist of the 1960s Rock Counterculture - The New York  Times
A Grateful Dead poster designed in 1966 by Mr. Kelley.

Alton Kelly’s designs are beautiful. I think I am more in love with his illustrations and composition then just his type alone. His taste for design was impeccable.