For this project, I picked Wright Brothers as soon as I glanced at their names on the handout. This was because I had watched a movie on them as a kid, and remembered vividly enjoying it. From then I thought I would be clever to pick the Lumière Brothers and come up with a fun title for the board. However, I didn’t find their story interesting enough. I ended up second with the Yukon gold rush because, in similarity to the Wright brothers, both topics feature people being driven by a strong desire to obtain something. For the last topic, I decided on the Nobel prize because Alfred Nobel was also an inventor. In addition, he was a wealthy man relating to the riches of the gold rush. Not to mention the Nobel prize was a gold coin. I enjoyed learning about all three topics, I was fascinated by how much work there was inventing such the revolutionary machine. Learning the significance of the Nobel prize was also very intriguing. The Yukon gold rush and the dangers that were faced had me falling into several Wikipedia rabbit holes reading way more articles than I had planned. I can’t believe 100,000 people dropped their stuff and sprinted to the Yukon in hopes of finding riches, they must have thought there was a LOT more than there was. My favorite part of creating my mood board was the area focusing on the Lumière Brothers. I thoroughly enjoyed learning their life stories and making an aesthetic board with a bit of character. I believe I deserve a 8.6/10 on this project for the time and thought put into the project. Although I am willing to admit my writing flow is not top-notch. I put in over ten hours into the project. I put in over three hours into content research, five hours into the photo captions, two hours into choosing the photos, 30 minutes into editing the photos to fit the section, and at least one hour into reading through the instructions and example!