This site contains the portfolio and rethinking teaching resources and readings used by Capilano University’s ePortfolio Development Communities in Spring 2017 and 2018.

We would like to thank Tracy Penny Light (TRU) and SFU’s Teaching and Learning Centre team for their  willingness to share resources with us.

Please contact Aurelea Mahood (amahood@capilanou.ca), if you would like to participate in any future ePortfolio development communities.


Kim Bothen – Costuming for Stage and Screen
Nila Gopaul – English for Academic Purposes
Aurelea Mahood – Portfolio Project Faculty Lead
Blake Roswell – Outdoor Rec and Tourism
Masa Takei – Communications
Bruno Tomberli – Physics
Diana Twiss – Community Development & Outreach
Bill Van Luven – Communications
Josema Zamorano – Spanish


Maureen Bracewell – Anthropology
Alison Hale – Education and Employment Access
Cyri Jones – Business
Aurelea Mahood – Portfolio Project Faculty Lead
Kathy Moscrip – Education and Employment Access
Sheila Ross – English
Vicky Ross – English
Sandra Seekins – Art History
Jules Smith – Health Care Assistance
Lori Walker – Communication
Becky Wayte – Adult Basic Education

Photo via VisualHunt