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Charles Martin is well known for his contributions to fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Affair before turning to illustrating for other creative areas such as musicals and texts. His aesthetic is known to be influenced by the cubism movement with very angular and geometric figures especially in the first example.

His other works are more reminiscent of his fashion background and is the look that I like best because of the looseness and natural flow of the figures in contrast to the flat stiff cubism style figures. The colours chosen are also a lot more captivating and bright compared to the dulled down cubism pieces. I believe the bolded coloured lines are also a better alternative, bringing attention to the subjects of the page over the other’s consistent lining.

Interestingly, the one below is almost like a combination of both with long lanky figures and consistent thin lines.

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  1. Geraldine,
    Nice posts here and good choices in Mucha and Martin. You supply just enough information combined with personal insights and opinions. Well written and insightful. Possibly you couls identify where each was originally from.

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