Blog Post #5 Coby Whitmore

To me Coby Whitmore is interesting for his contrasting trademarks. He was a gifted painter known for his variations of “boy meets girl” and surprisingly, race car driving illustrations. Thereafter he achieved solid career in women’s magazines such as Ladies’ Home Journal, McCall’s, Redbook, Cosmopolitan and others. Apart from his career, he was very invested in fast and expensive sports cars. I thought it was quite admirable and even rare that an illustrator could render people in such a painterly style and exude the same talent for automobiles as well, no doubt coming from his interest in them. His work and influence has even reached the likes of comic book artists and I was surprised to find that the Teen Titans animated series producer Glen Murakami was inspired by him as two of these styles are like night and day. Teen Titans is a more recent stylized animation and one of my favourites so it was interesting to see the inspiration behind the shows backgrounds.


One thought on “Blog Post #5 Coby Whitmore

  1. Geraldine,

    Nice work on Coby Whitmore. Good research and personal thoughts. I like that you found an unlikely comparison with Glen Murakami and his inspiration from Whitmore… interesting. Anyhow you need to get caught up a bit more as you should be at least up to post seven by now. Look forward to more posts from you.


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