Principles of Design

Poster Series for 16th Eco Film Festival
Kwon Joonho (2019)

This environmental film festival poster reinterpreted and visualized various piles of garbage that are commonly seen around in a visual format. The texture of each object, such as vinyl, paper, and plastic, was reflected, and high-saturation colors were placed to raise the level of attention. This work used the color and texture of contrast.

Lee Jung-ju: Living, Wearing Fashion
Lee Jung ju (2019)

Artist Lee Jeong Ju reinterprets the traditional Korean pattern of Gokdumun in a modern sense and applies various colors with contemporary trends. He gives a sense of unity and elegance by using intense colors in the repeating pattern. We can feel the Korean sentiment and the meaning of the Gok-du-mun pattern, which means something auspicious happens.

Principles of Gestalt

<The Lobster> Poster
Vasilis Marmatakis (2015)

The poster of the 2015 British movie “The Lobster” best shows the principle of closure. We can not see the woman held by the man, but we can guess that by the man’s pose and the woman’s blank space between his hands and face.

Joseph Navarro (2015)

Joseph Navarro experimented with how we can play with writing and text as the aesthetic path. In this work, the horizontally elongated texts pass between the fingers and arms. Gestalt continuation is used here. Even though fingers and arms cover some parts, we can recognize the directionality of the text and recognize it as a single line.