If modernism was based on idealism and reason, postmodernism can be seen as being born out of skepticism and suspicion of reason. It may seem a little boring and philosophical, but I always like to ask the “why?” question to all truths. Therefore, postmodernism, which challenges the concept of universal certainty or truth, has come to be more attractive.

Postmodernism is confrontational, controversial, and challenging the boundaries of taste because it breaks established rules about style. But most crucially, it reflects self-awareness of the style itself. I think postmodernism has given diversity to the world of art in this part.

I liked Siegfried Odermatt the most among the postmodernists. He understood graphics as a tool of communication and limited the means he used for constructive and fundamental drawings according to typography, photography, and creative norms. But to me, his design was not constructive, but rather unconventional. Perhaps an extremely calculating design looks like the freest design.