Canada’s design is still very unfamiliar to me, who has lived in Korea. However, through this lecture, I was able to learn about the overall structure and style of the Canadian design industry. I got a lot of emails, so I knew exactly what kind of association GDC and RGD were, who were familiar with their names. What I have read and learned about the Canadian Design Association is that there are specific community hubs that promote knowledge sharing, continuous learning, research, advocacy, and mentoring. In other words, it is accessible. I think it is really good that there is an association where students who are not familiar with the design industry like me can feel a sense of belonging and learn from the design community.

Among the Canadian graphic designers, Burton Kramer, who created the Canadian broadcasting corporation logo, stood out the most. These days, various logos and icons are designed to learn illustrators, and his logos are noticeable because they seem to be well simplified to suit the company’s character.