English 100. About me.

Hi, I’m Valeriya Kim. I was born and raised in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, a young independent republic located in the Middle Asia. It is a country of stunning landscapes and truly diverse cultures that have been managing to maintain peace and harmony while living together, side by side, for decades. Although, Kazakhstan is still facing a lot of problems common for a third world country, it has consolidated stable principles of moral health among it’s citizens, which is to treasure the traditional values of family bonds, cultural heritage and respect for the past generation. And that’s what I believe was the key factor that shaped my character and my perception of the world, so you won’t be mistaken if you call me a traditionalist. However, as much as I love my homeland, there weren’t many opportunities for me to pursue my main passion, Art and Design. So I had to travel all the way to become a part of society, completely different from the one I was used to and begin my studies in the IDEA school of design at Capilano University. Right now I’m focusing on my academic progress as this is the long expected chance for me to build a solid foundation of skills necessary for a professional designer that I finally got. However, I also keep reminding myself that I will have to bring some amazing stories when I come back home, which means that I’m also open to meeting new friends and sharing memorable moments together…

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