Jean Michel Basquiat

Jean Michel Basquiat

Jean Michel Basquiat was a well known neo-expressionist street artist during the mid 1900’s. Prior to his fame, he was homeless after being disowned by his father. He relied heavily on the support of his friends and on his small income selling t-shirts and postcards.  During this time of his life, he spent a lot of time painting graffiti on buildings. It was one day where his graffiti art was widely recognized and published on articles. This was the start of his fame. Many of Basquiat’s work focused on social and political commentary and was able to present these subjects artistically, by incorporating words and various mediums. I’m really impressed by the work he has made and can draw a lot of inspiration from the colors and patterns he uses in each of his pieces. It is the messy nature of his work contrasting the overall balance of his compositions which really intrigues me. 

2 thoughts on “Jean Michel Basquiat

  1. Abi,

    Good work on Dine and Basquiat! Concise information and interesting images. Could have use a few more varies examples of work, especially with Basquiat. I’m still missing your post from #8 Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism though.

  2. Abi,

    Okay I have you posting all but Blog post 8 so you score 9/10. You PK I give you an 8/10 and the quiz mark was 36/50. So good! Comments and Grades for Final Assignment; Cubist Still Life – 7/10 Impressionist Landscape – 7.5/10. Cubist approach was the right idea but could have toned down colours. Background looks more like decorative shapes than Cubist dissembling and reconstructing. Landscape works a bit better but the composition could be more considered by moving the horizon up in the picture frame.
    Well Done this term and have a great Christmas Break. See you in the NY.


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