Eleanor Vere Boyle

Thumbelina, 1872

Eleanor Vere Boyle, also known as E.V.B, was an English illustrator and writer of the victorian era. She was heavily inspired by many nostalgic motifs from her childhood such as nature, dreams, and flowing water. Eleanor also drew inspiration fro other artists like Albrect Durer and John Ruskin. She focused her talents of drawing and writing into producing children’s literature. Throughout her life she was able to write/illustrate a total of twenty-one children’s books.

Christmas Angel

In my personal opinion, I believe that Eleanor truly captures the “victorian” essence in her visual work. A lot of what she draws are subjects in very organic settings and what I admire about her work is the quality in the textures that she produces. I like that she is able to capture the contrast between the soft drapery against the also soft and organic backgrounds. It is the subtle but strong enough contrast which intrigues me. Taking a closer look at her work, you can see that she achieves this through the careful rendering of texture and colour.

Long Did His Thought Waiver




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