Pruett Carter

Pruett Carter is a well known American Illustrator, born in Missouri, US. Carter also extended his talents unto his career as a teacher. He taught at the Grand Central Art school, as well as the Chouinard Art Institute where he became the Head of the school’s illustration department. He also pursued a career in art direction for the Atlanta Journal and the Good Housekeeping. Amongst all these careers, what he spent most of his career life doing were illustrations for various famous magazines at the time such as Life magazine, McCall’s, Ladies’ Home Journal, The American Magazine, Woman’s Home Companion.

Pruetts work is thoroughly admirable. What I enjoy the most about his work is his skill in unifying his compositions with colour. After looking through a lot of his work I found that many of his pieces have a vibrant quality to them, while on the other hand, he also created very muted, sepia toned work. At first glance, I connected with more colourful pieces and found them nostalgic because of the colours used. They have a very animated quality and remind me of cartoons I used to spend a lot of my childhood watching. I also liked following his consistent use of two lovers as subjects in most of his paintings.

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