Edwin Georgi

This week, I decided to focus my research on the unique illustrator, Edwin Georgi. It was quite difficult to gather information on this particular illustrator because of the lack of recorded knowledge. Georgi was said to have been an aircraft pilot during the first World War. After the war, he attended Princeton however he later stepped away from his education and decided to pursue writing as a full time career. He brought this talent into writing copy for an ad-agency until his employer saw his potential in illustration work. This was the start of his career as an illustrator.

I chose to focus on Georgi this week because of how different his pieces were in contrast to the other artists and illustrators of the time. He definitely kept notable subjects of “pretty ladies” throughout his career, like many illustrators of his time. I think that he is very unique in the way that he incorporates a flicking texture. He also demonstrates his skill in his use of colour and (very) dramatic lighting. He was said to have been self taught, which makes me a little jealous.




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  1. Abi,

    Nice work on Carter and Georgi! I like your personal interest in both these illustrators. Good research and writing even with limited information on Georgi. Did you discover the tragic end to Carter’s life? Killing his wife and child before turning the gun on himself. Sad ending to his life and career.


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