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IDES 244

The GDC Project

GDC is a non-profit organization that has much to offer for its members. They are a great resource to provide students with scholarships and mentorship opportunities. However, GDC has been struggling to communicate their values to the young adult/student audience…. Continue Reading →

Decolonising Idea Rationale

This project is focusing on raising awareness amongst high school and unive students about the first nations culture. We wanted this project to be useful in the classroom environment, therefore, we focused on poetry written by indigenous writers. We attempted… Continue Reading →

Resume for Hallmark Rationale

This resume has been designed specifically for Hallmark summer internship. Hallmark creates lots of beautiful cards for different celebratory occasions. They appreciate handwritten fonts and so for my resume I have decided to handwrite the titles on my resume. It… Continue Reading →

Layers of Design

This poster has been created to reflect my design personality and explain my sustainability practices. I chose the onion imagery because “onion” was my nickname back at my home country due to my last name. Onion is also a layered… Continue Reading →

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