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Research and development for IDES 141

No Home, No Hope. Hobo Culture and Riding the Rails in the Great Depression (1930 – 1945)(Survey 10)

The year is 1931. A massive drought sweeps through the Midwestern United States and after decades of deep and intensive tilling, catastrophe catches up. Farms left with little to no soil structure due to these aggressive agricultural practices are devastated… Continue Reading →

The Art of Ornament: The Golden Era of Art Deco (1925 – 1930)(Survey 9)

  Perhaps one of the more ornamental art movements outside of Rococo, Art Deco rose to supremacy in the 1920s by way of the 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. France being no stranger to showing off on… Continue Reading →

But Won’t SOMEBODY Think of the CHILDREN?! or Prohibition: Hysterical Christian Moralization and the Renaissance of Black Culture in 1920s America (Survey 8)

The year is 1920. North America. Lutheran Pietist reformers sink their claws into American legislature, proclaiming a flailing, hand-wringing moral panic caused by the Satanic evils of alcohol. Christian Temperance movements force a constitutional ban on all forms of alcohol… Continue Reading →

(1905 – 1915) Death’s Black Passage: The War to End All Wars (Survey 7)

  DER KRIEG: The War to End All Wars                     The beginnings of World War 1 began with a small and quite literal bang. Tensions in the Balkans over Austro-Hungarian rule would explode… Continue Reading →

Poster Boy: Jules Chéret (1836 – 1932) (Survey 6)

When you think of design for events one of the first things you might think of would be an advertisement or event poster. They’re as common as beans now, and even the smallest underground show will always have one. But do… Continue Reading →

Pierce the Veil; Life and Culture in the Notoriously Secretive Far East (1850 – 1895)(Survey 5)

Conventional history provides us a fairly robust view of daily life throughout the ages, but it’s almost entirely European. Just what was going on in Continental Europe during the latter half of the 19th century?     Well, after a… Continue Reading →

Do you know Great Great Grandpa’s Favorite Book? Publishing in the Industrial Revolution (Survey 4: 1750 – 1850)

We know the Industrial Revolution completely changed the face of publishing and how we share information and ideas but… what did they actually like to read?     This is an interesting time for publishing actually, because the answer isa… Continue Reading →

Handle With Care: Europe and the Secrets of Chinese Porcelain (Survey 3 : 1450 – 1750)

If you had a trade secret, would you share it?       Would you hold it tight and mystify European potters and nobility instead? This is what China became known for in the 15th century as the routes of… Continue Reading →

O CE to 1450 BCE – The Rise of Gothic Architecture

Oohoo! One of my favorite architectural styles of all time! Working from the 12th century through to the 16th, we see the dawn of a brand new style of architecture. Coming hot off the tail of the Romanesque style with… Continue Reading →

35,000 – 0CE Research Notes [Science and Technology] The Dawn of Papermaking

The Dawn of the Written Word! Weekly Summary and Research Notes.   Lecture Summary   Today we mainly focused on exploring the evolution of human visual communication, and in turn, how it acted as a catalyst for almost all growth… Continue Reading →

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