Present Tech and New Horizons: Looking Out and Drawing In, Exploring Our Own (Lecture 10 and 11)

Well here we are, the last blog post of the class! I thought perhaps it was time to do something novel and have a concise post that actually adheres to the brief instead of the shambling hulks that currently make… Continue Reading →

Atop a Dark Horse: Mike Mignola (New Forms, 1990 – 2000)

For this week I wanted to cover an artist I’ve greatly admired over the years, but also gained a deeper appreciation for as I returned to drawing on my own terms. I’ve been an avid lover of graphic novels since… Continue Reading →

Ex Profundis: The Gothic Futurism of John Blanche (1980 – 1990, New Voices)

John Blanche occupies an interesting position in the ranks of illustrators that had influence on me while growing up. When I think back, his drawings (perhaps more than any other) captivated me when I was young. I had seen nothing… Continue Reading →

Lord of Pulp: Frank Frazetta (1970 – 1980, Social Awakenings)

Frank Frazetta has been one of those illustrators I’ve been wanting to write on for quite some time now. Over my adolescence I was a very quiet kid who spent hours in the realm of books, burning through new titles… Continue Reading →

Amongst the Roses, Brambles Grow: Leonard Baskin (1950 – 1960, Postwar Prosperity)

I will admit with some shame that though I greatly admire the craft and technical skill of the illustrators in this era… things sometimes get a little boring, no? (~~~Controversial Opinion Alert Please Don’t Kill Me Jeff Thank You~~~) Now… Continue Reading →

But First, Foundations: Andrew Loomis (1940 – 1950, The Golden Age Part 2)

Alright! Andrew Loomis was an artist I was quite excited to cover at some point, because he was a major catalyst for helping me reconnect with drawing last year and thus is an illustrator for whom I hold much personal… Continue Reading →

Two-Faced: Jean Giraud and Moebius (1938 – 2012)

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had this insatiable curiosity about the fantastic and the unknown. Naturally, the world of imagination and fantasy was something that blossomed in me like an insidious weed, one that stubbornly remains to this… Continue Reading →

Mother of Moomins: Tove Jansson (1914 – 2001)(Dawn of the Golden Age)

Tove Jansson was a figure who’s work I was aware of growing up, but faded out of my consciousness as an illustrator until this year. Early on I grew up with a lot of European children’s books, and collections such… Continue Reading →

Origins: The Art of Kay Nielsen (1886 – 1957) (Illustration’s Early Masters)

I actually chose to go with Kay Nielsen this time because of a comment you ended up making last February when I first came to the university, ha! I had almost no artwork to my name because I’d only been… Continue Reading →

The Folk and Stage Art of Ivan Bilibin (1876 – 1942) (Illustration’s Beginnings)

I first came across Ivan Bilibin’s work a couple of years ago through one of my favorite contemporary illustrators who goes by Sin Eater. He cited him as a powerful influence and ended up showing a number of beautiful pieces… Continue Reading →

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